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On Friday, September 21. 2001 at the Technical University, Vienna, Austria, the World Thinker's Forum was established, as a spin-off from the XVIII International Conference of WACRA EUROPE, e.V., est. 1984, entitled ‘Sustainable Development Through Research and Learning’.

Recognizing that an increasing number of thinking people are concerned about the declining conditions of life in the world, and understanding that the situation is worsening beyond repair in many areas, the participants of the conference decided to set up The World Thinker's Forum. The organisation of the Forum has been entrusted to Prof. Dr. Timi Ećimović, Head of SEM Institute for Climate Change, Korte, Slovenia, and Dr. Rashmi Mayur, Director of the International Institute for Sustainable Future, Mumbai, India.

The World Thinker's Forum is an independent, non-governmental, non-political, non- profit, non-bureaucratic organisation linked with the SEM Institute for Climate Change. The world headquarters are at Korte 124, 6310 Izola – Isola, Slovenia. The Administrative Committee of the World Thinker's Forum will be globally representative, and it is important to recognize that North and South are equitably represented. On a voluntary basis continental, regional, country and group focal point/representations/liaison offices etc. will be established, and please send us your proposals for co-operation.

The main purpose of the forum is to bring to the attention of world human society some of the critical problems and issues for the survival of our civilization, which people around the globe can attend to.

The forum objectives are as follows:

Some of these objectives may sound ambitious, but for a large number of Thinker'stime is the critical factor.

The World Thinker's Forum is open to anyone who cares to become a member of the group and contribute to our efforts. We hope to have members around the globe from different sectors of life, since our approach will be holistic, and the problems we will deal with will be comprehensive.

The World Thinker’s Forum will deal with the following issues:

We recognize that most of these issues are interdisciplinary and supradisciplinary such as environmental and economic issues. At the same time we understand that some problems are local while others are global, such as soil erosion, ozone depletion and the destruction of terrestrial and marine life etc.

Although there exist innumerable organizations in the world, working on local and global problems, needs are vast, and many such efforts are called for all around, bearing in mind that one need not duplicate the work to be done. We are open for collaboration, co-operation and work with a common purpose. We may modify our objectives as we progress and learn about the efforts of others.

The purpose of this information is to allow potential Thinker's of the world to participate in the World Thinker's Forum.